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The Arboretum has 25 km of trails

One of the most widely enjoyed pastimes is simply walking the trails. Note that cycling and using motor vehicles on the trails or in the wooded areas is forbidden.

Collect a copy of the trail map from the office and set off or else download a map and print your own.

Important: Please understand and follow the Arboretum's basic trail policy.

Trail users are asked to:

  • Stay on the designated trails.
  • Be aware that most of the trails are minimal impact/minimal maintenance forest trails and therefore should expect rough areas, wet areas, roots, fallen branches etc.
  • Come prepared with footwear and clothing appropriate to the season and expected trail conditions.
  • Be aware that it is easy to get lost in the Arboretum. Visitors who are new to the Arboretum are advised to focus on the better marked trails closer to the centre of the Arboretum (eg. Orange, Red)


Last Updated: Monday, 12 September 2016 16:20